Monday, February 25, 2008

Setting Sail

So here we are, the first post in what will hopefully be a fruitful rant about modern management and leadership, and their many short comings (mostly about its short comings).

The whole concept behind the blog is this, THE BUCCANEERS HAD IT RIGHT!

"What?" you say, "what could these silly pirates know about leading and managing that our modern system doesn't?".

Well hopefully in time I'll be able to show you these concepts step at a time.

Let us first look at what it's like to be on a buccaneering ship,
  • Crews who have accepted the worst and have nothing to lose
  • Captained by someone who's elected by the crew
  • Everyone work together under an agreed upon covenant and all have a stake in the success and failure of the outcome
  • Each person has a well defined areas of responsibility and the entire ship has a clear decision hierarchy
  • Crew members are empowered to take advantage of opportunities, but are held accountable when things doesn't work out
  • Well understood reward and punishment system where everyone's held to, including the captain
If you stop and think about it, this is pretty much the description of an ideal team with textbook classic management structure, just without the cutlass and cannons. Too often, management team feels that only a fancy new idea with new wording and acronyms can solve their problems, instead of really taking the time to understand and address the core issues.

So I hope we can take on this journey together to sail away from the conventional concepts and really strip things down to the bare bones and really see what the issues are and how we can fix them, so we too can be buccaneer like and seize the proverbial corporate loot.

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